The Choice (2016) Film Review

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The Choice is a film about two neighbors who fall in love at their first meeting when they already with their own lover and didn't realise it at first.

The Review:

"Every path you take leads to another choice. Some choices change everything." Travis
It's totally an awesome movie!! The Choice present you a love story where happy, sad, emotional, and so others feeling you acctually experience in a real love story roll in a single film. Whenever the two main lead indulge in a small and kinda sweet talk by saying to one another, “You bother me,” it’s defenitely difficult not to agree with them.
Travis played by Benjamin Walker (best known for starring in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), bring us more smile, laugh, and agreement for every word that came up from his thin sexy lips. He has the gift to easily make every girl fall for every word he says in this film.
Then, Gabby played by Teresa Plamer trying to play a hard-to-get girl who makes Travis, who loves being single and doing what he wants, wants her more. While her boyfriend, Ryan, a doctor where she gets her internship go off to a medical conference, there's the chemistry and love between her and Travis begin to show up. Will Gabby and Travis stop bickering long enough to finally hook up? Defenitely a yes. Will Travis get a well-deserved punch in the nose by the boyfriend? Well, 100%.
"Why do you make it so hard for me to flirt with you?" Travis
"If I made it easy, you wouldn't flirt with me anymore." Gabby
When Gabby is trying to play the hard-to-get girl in the mean time, she got ruined by her own time. And that's exactly how their love story begin. Well, there is a moment where Gabby reveals that she believes in God and goodness to the faithless Travis, and I do love how Gabby make it so easy to have those kind of conversation with Travis without making him feel intimidate. In this film, it's shown that Gabby, the believer, doesn’t hesitate to choice the faithless guy who wants to marry her and have her join the family practice. And Travis, after all his pursuits who will stop at nothing to be with her finally wins Gabby over, but when the unthinkable happens Travis must make another choice that will affect both of their lives forever.
"As a romance movie lover, I have to admit that somehow I want this kind of love story happen in my life. How Travis believe in what his heart told him to do and fight for his lover till the end. And how Gabby make it possible for Travis, the faithless and the player, to try to believe in something that she believe without even make an effort to push him."

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