4 Reasons Why Name's Mean Important

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Today I’ll tell you about how name’s mean so important. Acctually, this is from my own experience. First, I’ll explain about my name’s mean, Rosi Oktavia Purba, this name is my grandfather’s gift for me. My name came from “RO aSI ni roha ni Debata di bulan OKTober di BataVIA”, that’s batak language. In Indonesia it is means “Datang Kasih Karunia Tuhan di Bulan Oktober di Batavia”. In English it is means “Already came gift of love from God in October in Batavia”.In the past, we called Jakarta as Batavia. Why Batavia? Because I was born in Batavia in month October. My name means so much for me and family. Why? My family always believes that I am a God’s gift even acctually every children is gift of God. Every new year’s eve, my parent will always reminds me about my name’s mean and sometimes it’ll make me uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because I’m such an overload-truck, brings things more than it can carry. But, I’m still feeling grateful cause yes my God never leaves me when I need Him even I do not ask.
Every parent (maybe some ‘no’) in this world will chooses a beautiful name for their new born babies cause they want their children grow up like what they hope when they give their babies a name. By that fact, I’ll explain why name’s mean so important.
1. Parent’s hope
A name that parent give for their children is a HOPE. Their big hope for their babies, for how the babies grow up, babies will become who, even how the child’s characters and manners. Parents put a big hope for their children by name that they have given.
2. Story and History
Name is a story to write and a history where the name came from. Name is a new story that babies will write about their future life. Name is also a history that babies will remember on their way to grow up.
3. Responsibility
On their way of life, children will understand that their own name is a responsibility they have to carry without their agreement.
4. Prestige
Some parents will choose ‘cool’ name for their babies. Sometimes, prestige become the reason. In Indonesia some parents will say
“Biar agak kebarat-baratan gitu namanya.”
“Keren aja kayaknya kalau namanya ……..”
Parents, sometimes a name become your children vision of life and they live for it. Sometimes, a name make them become an overload-truck, cause you don’t realize that you force them so much for their name’s mean. Sometimes children don’t even realize what their name’s mean cause you never tell them or maybe you wait for them to ask but your children “don’t care”. Sometimes you, parent, never understand how important name’s mean but trust me from now onA NAME REALLY MEAN SOMETHING for you and for your own children.

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