Lessons From The Past

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Do you have a past? Yes, surely, and so do I.
But now, let’s talk about past relationship between man and woman.
Once upon a time, I felt so in “love” with a guy, let me named him D. Just so in “love”, but let me tell you that our relationship only lasted for four months. Underlined, four monthHe was my first boyfriend but I’m not really sure that he was my first love even my first crush.
Four month, but there’re many things happened inside. I hate to admit that I ever been in love with that guy. But that’s past, isn’t it? Cause regret always comes too late. I’ve done with my past and would never wanna go back there.
I always know that there’s a reason for anything happen, and it work for my past.
I learn that:
1. Love is not a game
Love is not when you begin to feel comfortable with someone and decided to be with him/her, but deep in your heart you have and still interesteng with other people. Love is not when you’re trying to be with him/her because of compassion and in the end break with him/her that had already in love with you. It is not love. It’s compassion, pity, trial-and-error and sorry. And in the end you make love like a game.
2. Love is not lust nor desire.
Love is not lust nor desire. Lust leads to selfishness, desire leads to greed. Love is a needs and at the right time will generate to lust and desire. Desire make each other happy, Lust construct each other.
3. Love is not an Opportunity but an Exactness
Love is not an opportunity to have him/her but an exactness to have him/her, a right time and situation. Cause love does not fall from the sky, there are stages that make love becomes a true love.
4. Love is a Gift of God.
Love is a gift of God. Grace for two people who will complete each other when they together. Increasingly, brings bless to each other even people around them both.
My past is not really bad as I thought before,
“My past can’t be changed, undone or forgotten but can be learned”

and it’s works for you too;) :)

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