Your Life Time to Know Your ‘Special One’

1:43:00 AM

Anyone changes with time and by the life time you know that person deeply.
Deeply in this case doesn’t mean you’ll really know person. ;)
Who can predict the FUTURE?
I guess no one even a forecaster or the same as it.
Who can predict what happen in the ten second you leave your room?
again I guess no one.
Cause everything in this world changes by the time and no one can predict what happen on them, ‘everything’ include people.
Life’s changing, so does people. They are moving like the Earth in it’s axle and moving like the Earth’s revolution. When the Earth moving in, whether changes, day turns to night (vise versa), season changes and etc.
When people moving, their around changes and so does that people. So whoever say that “I do know my someone”. Yes, you do (in that time). And next time believe that you’ll say exactly the same word with the different reason (cause your someone change and you still be able to know that, still have your lifetime to know your someone more even accept how they’re change).
Getting to know someone or maybe Loving someone it means you wanna know or love the whole thing about them. Not fit them in your zone.

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